Good Friday

Worship at 7pm at Central United Methodist Church.

It’s easy to think that the only goodness to be found in this story is on Easter morning, so why do we call the Friday when we remember Jesus’ betrayal, arrest, trial, torture, and crucifixion “good”?  Well, because there is no exuberant Easter joy without Friday’s sacrificial grace.  What the crowd—and, in truth, what all sinfulness—did to Jesus is not good.  But Jesus’ willingness to endure that in order that the world might know salvation is good, and our worship is incomplete if we don’t name and celebrate that.  It’s easy to turn away from things we don’t want to see, but when we do that, nothing changes, including things that might need to change, like our own hearts.  Worshiping together on Good Friday faithfully practices looking on even when it makes us uncomfortable and tells the fullness of goodness in the Gospel story.

The Radford/Fairlawn Ministerial Association hosts a community Good Friday service each year, and this year it’s being held at Central United Methodist Church in Radford.