Advent Devotionals

Advent devotionals are here! This year we have two options: Despair into Hope: An Advent Devotional and Family Advent Devotionals To-Go.

Despair into Hope was written and put together by your staff at FPC, Pastor Allison and Dustin. This devotion comes with instructions for three different “practices.” Each week you’ll choose two passages to study, and with each passage you’ll walk through the practices, totaling six days of devotions a week. It’s repetitive, and that’s the point. By doing the same practices over and over again, we learn new skills for engaging scripture. We also become ore self-aware, learning which practices help us engage scripture and which ones might not be so helpful. It’s also flexible, and that’s also the point. Each of the three practices offers ways to modify the practice that allow you to adapt as the season progresses. I hope this devotional will help you trust yourself and the Spirit more when you engage scripture, and that it will center you in the Word this Advent season!

  • A digital copy of the Despair into Hope devotional is available here.

Family Advent Devotionals To-Go are the white boxes you see around the church. Think of the box as a sort of kit that contains a series of devotional cards with scripture readings, discussion questions, object lessons, and prayer prompts, plus all the supplies you need to follow the cards’ instructions. Twice a week during Advent and Christmas you’ll sit down with your family, find the object in the box that corresponds with the card for that day, and walk through the devotion as a group. I hope this devotional will bring your family together around scripture and prayer this Advent and Christmas season.